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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at the Porirua Whanau Centre is based on the holistic way in which tamariki learn.  We believe each child should be treated and respected as a whole person, mind, body, and spirit.  Our approach to education for our young tamariki is founded on the principals, strands, and goals laid out in Te Whaariki in our Early Childhood Curriculum.

We foster an emergent curriculum which tamariki develop play and social skills to help them become competent and confident learners. We acknowledge children's play as valued and meaningful learning, and the importance of spontaneous play is recognised for tamariki to gain confidence in themselves. Children's health will be promoted and their emotional well-being nurtured through relationships, interactions that are responsive, recipirical, positive and encouraging.

The Centre is part of a diverse community and we believe in providing an environment where our tamariki and whanau experience their culture being enhanced, valued and respected.

We embrace the values and all that is embedded with Tiriti o Waitangi within our teaching and learning programme. We believe that biculturalisim must be integrated within our teaching and learning programme, by supporting and encouraging all Maori learners. We believe through recognising this unique identity, language and culture, they can enjoy and achieve education success as Maori learners.

We will endeavour to provide a safe and inviting environment for the tamariki to utilise, explore and understand their own learning styles.

We strongly believe that parent-teacher collaboration is key in successful education experience. We provide an open  door policy where parents/caregivers/Whanau are encouraged and welcome to discuss issues regarding their child and Centre in a respectful and honest manner.



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