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Helping to break the cycle

The Porirua Whanau Centre is very proud to be taking a prominent stand against family violence in our community.

We are the lead agency in our region for the Porirua Family Violence Prevention Network, an integrated and multi-faceted organisation dedicated to stamping out family violence and assisting those who suffer as a result of it.

The Porirua Whanau Centre co-ordinates the Network through which public and community initiatives are planned and delivered locally as part of steps to raise awareness and prevent violence occurring.

Any organisation that has an interest in stamping out family violence can join our Network.

Membership allows like-minded organisations to share information, gain access to specialised training and work collaboratively to help break the cycle.

2016 White Ribbon Daddy Daughter Breakfast.

It's so important to provide fathers an opportunity to cultivate a good relationship with their daughters. That is what Porirua Whanau Centre did by hosting another White Ribbon Daddy Daughter Breakfast. The Porirua Whanau Centre believe fathers can teach their daughters so much and influence their lives for the better, said Liz Kelly, Porirua Whanau Centre Chief Executive.

From a mother's perspective they can teach their daughters right from wrong and offer advice that speak truth into their lives, while the fathers can teach their daughters more through his actions - how they treat their mother with respect, how fathers show up for important events, how to expect to be treated, and even how they see themselves, says Liz Kelly.

Approximately 60 fathers, daughters and family members attended the White ribbon Daddy Daughter Breakfast event.

Mayor Mike Tana, inspired the fathers and daughters with a hope that one day, instead of reading violence towards women banner, future banners would read love and respect women, because that is what this message is really about.

He further hoped that another event would include sons to be in the room, so that they know how to value their mothers and sisters, including their future wive's and daughters, and also argued gender pay equality, by paying women the same pay as men, which is another change for women said Mayor Mike Tana.

(please click the White Ribbon link below for our 2016 Breakfast Photo Gallery)

White Ribbon Daddy Daughter comments:

From a daughter:   'Thought the breakfast was good, to see so many fathers with their daughters soearly in the morning toooo make a statement that their daughters are their treasures'

From a mummy:: 'Woman should know their worth'

From a daddy:  'Awesome'

From a daughter:  Atmosphere neat, felt like i was a t a special event'

From a daughter:  'food was delicious'

From a daughter:  'I liked the White Ribbon handprint activity'

  • Whittaker's chocolate factory sponsored Cream Chocolate treats for each daughter.
  • Each father or mother received a White Ribbon T-Shirt, containing the promotional aspect of raising awearness of the White Ribbon message throughout the next 12 months.
  • Mayor Mike tana led the fathers in taking the new pledge 'I will stand out and act to prevent men's violence towards women,' witnessed by their daughters.
  • All fathers and daughters signed the 'White Ribbon these hands' banner with their daughters.

Creekfest 2017 - White Ribbon Tent

Check out the image gallery below of our White Ribbon Stall.

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