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Historical Background

Porirua Whanau Centre is one of six Family Social Services Centres in New Zealand. It was established in 1994 as a Charitable Trust in response to a Government Community pilot programme and was originally known as the Cannons Creek Fanau Centre Trust (CCFC).

Historically CCFC had struggles financially but endured the challenges and obstacles with the support and commitment of the community.

"Today the centre is a community resource that is financially secure and strength to families in need of social services and education opportunities"

The Trust entered into a loan agreement with the Crown in 1994 to purchase and establish the Service Centre in Cannons Creek which included an Early Childhood Education Centre. By 1998 the Trust had some financial difficulties and resolved them through a variation to their loan.

In March 1999 the CCFC Trust set up the Porirua Housing Trust to give assistance to qualifying persons within Porirua to provide low cost housing, and to enable qualifying persons to purchase their own home or to refinance an existing loan on favourable terms.

In 2000 the Board of Trustees at the time changed the deed to include a Community Council representation of 13 members who reflected the cultural diversity of the community and were drawn from a membership of contributing organisations. The Community Council appointed the Board of Trustees but the Board held all powers to manage the affairs of the Trust.

By 2002 the Porirua Housing Trust had become inactive and the Property Management Agreement between the Trust and Housing New Zealand was terminated. The Porirua Housing Trust was dissolved as a Trust in 2008 and the money held on deposit transferred to the CCFC.

in 2012 the Trust deed was revised again and included a name change to Porirua Whanau Centre, to reflect the growth of the organisation inclusive of the people of Porirua and their families.

The Community Council was replaced with a Community Advisory Committee that continues to play a part in the appointment process for Board members, with the community electing members at the Annual General Meeting.

Today Porirua Whanau Centre is a "hub" for the community and provides education and social service programmes to enhance the health, social, education and economic wellbeing of our children and families.


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