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Our Vision

To improve the ability of Whanau to be self-reliant.

Our Mission

To provide culturally appropriate and integrated services that complements and enhances the health, social, education and economic well-being of Whanau, Including the provision of Social Housing.

Guiding Principles

When working with us you can expect us to:
  • To be treated politely and with respect regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • Encouraged to involve whanau/family unless otherwise preferred
  • Provided services that demonstrate that demonstrate an understanding of your personal and cultural needs in a professional and planned manner
  • Client involvement in determining the type and nature of services provided
  • To be shown emergency exits and temporary hazards
  • To be shown how to lodge a formal complaint
What the Porirua Whanau Centre expects of you:
  • To provide accurate, complete and honest responses to any questions asked in provision of services to you (although you may refuse to answer questions if you feel they are to personal or not relevant to the service you receive)
  • To attend scheduled appointments or provide adequate notice (at least 24 hours) of a cancellation
  • To let us know of any concerns you may have about the service you receive
  • To advise us of any changes to your contract details 
  • To help maintain a peaceful and safe environment
  • To help keep us alcohol, cigarette and drug free (other than prescription medication)
  • To follow staff instructions in an emergency

Board of Trustees

Meet our Board of Trustees.


Historical Background

Porirua Whanau Centre.


Our Vision Our Mission

What we believe and what we value.

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