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Be a positive parent

Being a parent is life’s toughest job.  There’s no training manual for it and it’s easy to get stressed by the responsibility and challenges that kids bring.

The Whanau Centre offers a positive Parenting Programme that provides advice and support for parents and supports you to be the best care-giver you can be!

You’ll learn the basics of parenting skills, which alleviates some of the stresses within whanau, and we’ll help you with suggestions for healthier ways to raise your children.  You’ll also be able to share your experiences and de-stress with other parents.

Our Positive Parenting Programme is open to mums and dads of all ages, and uncles, aunts and grandparents, too.

Clients can be referred from other agencies (Police, CYF, Probation) or you can just enrol yourself.  It’s free!

Download rferral form HERE


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